Disc Dogz set to wow crowd

High-fiving, Frisbee-catching, people-jumping dogs will take centre stage in an action-packed show at this weekend’s Seymour Alternative Farming Expo.

Flipping Disc Dogz’s eight border collies will be putting on a trick-filled show sure to entertain people and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Co-owner and trainer Beau Pearson, who runs the business with his partner Sim Hellebrand, said visitors to the expo were in for a treat as the dogs put their best paws forward.

Mr Pearson said the public could expect a jaw-dropping, fun and action-packed show.

“Especially when they see some of the tricks the dogs do in the air,” he said.

“We have Ava’s handstand and Sienna’s all-paw high-five, which is a high-five with all four paws – she’s the first dog in the world to get that trick.

“We also have Daisy who plays quoits and holds the world record for stacking the most quoits (32) in 60 seconds.”

Those watching may even get a chance to participate in one of the tricks, with unsuspecting spectators often selected to be one of the four people that Raighn leaps over.

Having worked with and trained dog performers for more than six years, Mr Pearson said the idea for the show originally drew lots of inspiration from dog sports such as agility trials, before the shows got bigger and the tricks got more difficult and complex.

“It can take anywhere from five minutes to 12 months to train a dog to do a trick. A handstand is the trick that’s taken us the longest to teach,” he said.

After spending weeks out of the year travelling with his furry companions, Mr Pearson said the dogs were much loved.

“I wouldn’t call them my pets; I’d call them my family. They’re basically our children,” he said.

The Flipping Disc Dogz will perform a 30 minute show three times a day on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at the Main oval. The show times are: 10.15am, 12.15pm and 2.15pm.

The Seymour Alternative Farming Expo will be held from February 16-18, at Kings Park in Seymour. For further information or to buy tickets online and save 17% visit www.seymourexpo.com.au

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